The Standoff

I find it pretty amusing that we all want someone like ourselves in our life yet we remain hopeful that the other person will balance our downfalls.

I met Hedburg a few weeks ago (nicknamed as such because of his insanely similar mannerisms). He’s also a photographer and an introvert who relies on his eyes to convey emotion far more than his words (hello twin) though where mine are super dark, his are clear blue. We hung out a couple of times, with plans to spend time together over the weekend, but he caught a stomach bug and it never happened. Well I guess we both told ourselves that we’d wait until the other person texted before we said anything..

A week later, I’m bored and shoot Hedburg a ‘poke’ text. Come to find out he’s been bummed out all week long because I never texted him and he was too shy to text first. I feel like a teenager. It really makes me reflect back on my own conversational tactics because I did the exact same thing. I wanted to hang out with him again, but on the off-chance that his illness was an excuse, I didn’t push the issue. My bad. Now he has his daughter and I’m sure it’ll be a little while until we can hang out again but I made us both promise to be better about saying hi first. This standoff business is just silly.

Note to self: It’s okay to say hi first.


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