Yesterday I took a big step in trying to get out of this lonely funk. Of the aforementioned two people I’ve been talking to, the one who started reading my current book series asked if I’d like to spend Saturday with him. After some deep breaths, I agreed to go ahead and give it a shot. If nothing else, I’d get out of the house which my mother has been barraging me to do lately. I’ve decided to call him Clove, since those are the only type of cigarette he smokes and the smell that’s still lingering in my nostrils this morning.

First, we agreed to Greek food for lunch. I looooooove Greek food so I was all about it. I only ended up eating half of my falafel wrap while we were there due to the unstoppable conversation. At first he seemed quiet and timid, like he was unsure how to read the situation, but I soon learned he had a quiet demeanor, like me. We boxed up our meals to go, popped them into my fridge since I lived so close, and carpooled to the local Go Kart/Mini Golf/Arcade place. I’d never been before but he had suggested it and I figured it would at least make for an entertaining date. I’m sure he must have spent a good $30 on tokens while we were there. We tried every game in the building and were near tears laughing together just 5 games in. At the wheel of fortune game there was a bench you could sit on to play – big enough for 2 children, or two adults squeezing in. I initially sat to play the game with him, and then I noticed him crouching down to sit next to me. For a moment my heart jumped – someone touching me? Last time was terrifying and it was just an arm around the shoulders. He sat down, thigh against mine, arm brushing against me as he put in the tokens. I breathed him in and felt his warmth and I was okay. I actually liked it. Human contact I like!! Once we’d finished using all of the tokens he had on hand, we put our tickets in the counter, ready to eye the prizes when we saw a game to knock down clowns with little red balls. The (adult) people playing were racking up in the ticket department. A nice blue mound had piled up next to them and our eyes lit up as we turned to one another and he declared we MUST beat down some clowns! We lingered a few feet back, anxious to claim the game as soon as it was available, laughing together at how awkward we looked loitering around in a room full of kids to play a game. In the end, we decided to spend our tickets on a zombie bendy doll for him to hang from his rear view mirror, a tiny Finn figure that now sits on my toothbrush holder and 6 mystery tattoos (a nice blend of super heroes and princesses). We then played a round of mini golf, making up scores and awful jokes about their disgusting water trickling through the course. When we’d both get our balls in the hole, Clove would fish them out and hold his hand open for me to take mine. By the end of the rounds I was purposefully grazing my fingertips along the palm of his hand. We played the last hole together, counting down and hitting our balls at the same time. I’m pretty sure that’s the most fun I’ve ever had playing that game. Afterward we stopped by the store to get a bottle of wine (and become waaaaay too distracted by the dollar section) and then headed back to my place to ink each other up.

Youtube was our entertainment, sharing songs and a breathtaking wordless movie about the world and the people in it. We’d periodically pick a tattoo at random (he got all the princesses) and apply them to each other. He started with my arm, then my leg, then my neck and chest. Each time I’d feel the warmth from his hand as he held the damp rag to my skin. He began to lean over me to pick a video to watch. I got excited. I had none of the fears of being close. I happily let him closer and closer. Still talking and laughing through the evening, we sat together against the wall outside to smoke. We agreed that it had been a wonderful day and in an instant our lips were locked. Oh how I missed kissing! It went on for an eternity and, once inside, led to a heated walk to the bedroom. The sex was tender, passionate and gentle. We were both quite intoxicated from the wine but still enjoyed every bit. I don’t even remember falling asleep afterward but when I woke it was near 6am. Forgetting to close the blinds and curtains the night before, the light from the grey sky filtered into the room and onto Clove laying beside me. He smiled and said “Hey.” We snuggled up close and spent the next few hours resting, kissing, a small bit of sex and holding each other. Periodically he would kiss my cheek or head. It felt sweet, comforting. Eventually we had to get up so he could head home. We embraced and he went on his way.

First off, FINALLY. I feel so relieved to get some of that pent up frustration out. Now, thoughts on Clove. Physically he’s really not my type (a tall skinny freckly redhead) but looks have never really mattered to me in the end. He is quite handsome in the face and has a great smile. As far as the size down below, Damn. I actually had to stop him last night in my usual favorite position because the size was hurting me. I was drunk and it was hurting me. He was wonderful in bed, extremely satisfying and a big time cuddler which is a major plus. We clicked extremely well. Our sense of humor mirrored the other well and the conversation flowed with ease. He lives about an hour away and has 2 kids that I’m assuming he has every other weekend. Hmm. I think I may like this guy.


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