Despite my great date a few weeks ago with Clove, our conversation only lasted a few more days and then dropped off. I decided to let that go. He can make the effort if he wants to keep in contact. At least it narrowed down the two people I’ve been talking to so that Pickle is the only one remaining. My dating profiles have been untouched for a while and I even got a message the other day from Tinder informing me that I will no longer show up in local matches until I reactivate it. Works for me. Juggling a bunch of shitty conversations at once is exhausting.

Well this weekend, I actually got to spend some time with Pickle. He lives two hours away and works nights so conversation is spotty sometimes but I always look forward to his name popping up on my phone. He came by on Friday evening to stay that night and spend the day on Saturday (his sleeping locale understandably dependent on how we clicked in person), something I had been looking forward to all week. First impressions? Tall, a little chubby (but I like that), big hands (my biggest turn-on), instant smile and open arms for a hug (which I gladly obliged). We clicked just as well as on the phone and as we walked to the door of the restaurant for dinner, he took my hand with an “Is this ok?” and opened the door for me. Afterward, we curled up on the couch at home and watched Netflix until our eyelids began to droop. He earned his spot in my comfortable bed for the night and was a champion cuddler. Not much hanky panky went down (thanks to a timely reminder of my fertility) but we did play around some. We had to. After having phone sex a couple of times, the curiosity was too much. Plus it’s quite difficult to be wrapped up in someone’s arms, feeling their hard sex against your thigh, and abstain from giving in to some urges. He was never pushy and was quite skilled at returning the favor of hand exploration (and now that I know what he’s working with-quite proportional to that big solid body, I can’t wait to actually experience it.) We slept like babies and set off the next morning for breakfast and to enjoy a stroll downtown. We walked hand-in-hand, commenting on shops and restaurants, me giving him whatever small tidbits of information I know about the area. We wandered into the science museum and studied the exhibits together, him occasionally smiling and offering a step stool when he’d catch me on my tip toes to look into a case. The planetarium show that morning was a kids’ film where a magical tree house transports kids to places in books. We still got giddy for the visuals and would quietly murmur our snarky comments to each other. The day was fantastic and ended with us just curled up together in bed watching silly videos and daydreaming about getting a corgi and moving to Colorado. I didn’t want him to go. He didn’t want to go. I thoroughly enjoyed our time spent. The fact that he doesn’t smoke or drink is a plus as well since I only had about 4 cigarettes altogether and had no desire to drink to feel comfortable around him. I want to be happy sober and healthy so this influence is a major asset to me. I didn’t want to smoke around him as he had previously commented on how he disliked being around the smoke and didn’t mind if I did it but would be adverse to kissing right after I sucked one down. Contradictory enough, once I finished my first cigarette in his company and we went back inside, he slipped his hand around my waist, pulled me close and kissed me tenderly on the lips commenting “This is how much I like you, to kiss you right after a cigarette.” On his way out of town I got a “Miss you already” text and a good morning one this morning. Knowing I’m on his mind just as prevalent as before is a good sign. You know, I actually had a dream that I was with him in my sleep the night he shared my bed. Strange, those dreams.

Today is Mother’s Day and I’ve told my mom that I’m all hers today. She doesn’t know what she wants to do but figures it will involve my Grandma and Aunt which is just fine with me. I’m happy and feel good so I know it will be an enyoyable time, whatever we do. I wish I could afford to take her out, get her a nice gift, treat her as she deserves to be treated – spoil her to dinner, breakfast, and the museum like Pickle did for me. Who knows what we’ll do but I can’t see it not being an over-all pleasant experience of a weekend. I’m certainly still wearing a smile from yesterday.


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